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We Succeed As A Team

We Win Injury Law is an entire team of passionate attorneys and staff. We owe our success to the people who work here, from our receptionist and experienced staff to the attorneys who work on your case. We make sure you are taken care of every step of the way throughout your case. With over 50 years of combined experience, our staff delivers you the best service because you matter to us.

When you call our office, you don’t get handed off to a separate department or a call center, or wait days for a call back. Our friendly staff will get you in contact directly with our injury attorneys directly, and normally the same time you call. We will work with your schedule and we can have you meet with us directly at our office and we can come directly to your home. 

One of the most important decisions you can make after an accident is choosing a skilled, experienced and passionate personal injury attorney.

This decision is so crucial because you need an injury attorney who not only knows how the insurance companies operate but who is also willing to fight them on your behalf! Contrary to popular belief, the insurance companies simply do not play fair nor will they offer you a reasonable or just amount of money to compensate you for the injuries suffered. 

At We Win Injury Law, we know the true value of your claim and we have the passion to fight to make sure you receive a just and reasonable amount of money. Not only do we fight for you to recover maximum compensation for your injuries, we also help you receive compensation for expensive damage repairs or other items that may have been lost in an accident. In an injury case not involving a vehicle, we help you deal with medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses to avoid financial ruin. With our experience and passion, we can often times resolve cases much sooner than most so that you can avoid financial ruin. You can rest easy that your claim is being professionally and expertly handled by retaining an experienced lawyer at We Win Injury Law. 

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Results Matter

Don’t just take our word for it; we receive most of our referrals from past satisfied clients, medical professionals, doctors and even some judges. Our results also speak for themselves. Our clients have received millions of dollars in compensation from cases we’ve helped them with. Pick the winning team and let us help you with you or your loved one’s case. 

Don’t fight the insurance companies by yourself. Make the smart decision like so many others and choose the team at We Win Injury Law. We Win for you, period.

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All of our lawyers have a thorough understanding of Utah and Nevada personal injury law. Additionally, our lawyers possess the ability to strategically build and present your case in court or in alternative dispute resolution settings in order to prove the negligent party’s liability and to seek fair and just compensation for your injury. Without such representation, your damages and medical treatments may not be fully covered which could result in you having to pay the difference. Don’t fight the insurance companies alone. Let us fight them for you and deliver the results you deserve. At We Win Injury Law, we consider you more than a client, we consider you our family. We win for you, period.