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When you suffer an injury due to an accident and the accident is due to someone else’s negligence, it can be difficult to know where to turn. After all, you’ll likely be stuck with a ton of medical bills and other expenses, and it is hard to focus on your recovery when you can’t even pay the bills. This is even worse if your injuries leave you unable to work and earn a living. There is help out there in the form of a personal injury case against the at-fault party. However, filing your case and determining who is at fault for your injury requires legal expertise and experience to deal with not just the court system, but the at-fault party and their legal team.

We Win Injury Law has been serving Provo and its residents for many years, successfully winning them personal injury settlements and getting them the compensation they deserve so that they can focus on what matters most, recovery. We know that it can be frustrating to be injured, but we are there to answer questions and figure out what to do next to move forward and be made whole.

Contact us today for a consultation to figure out what your case may be worth, how to move forward with finding out the at-fault party, and seeking compensation from them. Our attorneys can help with the entire process from filing your case to gathering evidence and dealing with insurance companies and other lawyers.

How to Tell Who is At-Fault For Your Injuries

In most cases, figuring out who is at fault for your injuries boils down to the owner of the establishment where you were injured or the vehicle that injured you. However, it can become very complicated and that’s where having a legal advocate on your side can make the difference between having a poor case and getting the compensation you deserve.

In some cases it is cut and dry who is at fault, a negligent driver causes an accident and you are injured or an owner who fails to clean up a spill. In other cases, more than one party may be at fault or the fault may be unclear.

For instance, if you are injured in an accident by a big truck such as a delivery vehicle, it may be the fault of the truck driver, or the company that owns the vehicle may be the one responsible. It depends on the circumstances of the accident and how the accident actually occurred. Another example is if you are injured on the job, it may be the fault of your employer, in which case you would file a worker’s compensation claim, or it may be the fault of a third party that is on the premises. In these cases, you would have a case against that third party in addition to filing a worker’s compensation claim.

Let We Win Injury Law Be the Law Firm That Wins Your Case

Don’t struggle to figure out your case on your own. Let one of our highly experienced personal injury attorneys help you with your case and work to get you the full amount of compensation that you are owed so that all you have to worry about is getting better and healing from your injuries after your accident. Contact us today and let us get started helping with your case.