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Car Accident

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Most Common Places for Accidents

Posted March 14, 2024
Car accidents can happen anywhere, from busy highways to near-empty parking lots. However, there are certain places where collisions are not just possible, but alarmingly common. For example, intersections are often hotspots due to the converging paths of multiple vehicles. Similarly, merging onto or exiting highways presents challenges that test the attentiveness and reaction...
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Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Car Crash?

Posted January 21, 2024
If you are involved in a car accident in St. George, identifying the at-fault party is key to seeking fair compensation and justice. Determining fault can be relatively straightforward if the collision involves just one other driver. However, when an accident includes multiple vehicles, identifying the liable party becomes considerably more complex In these...
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Will I Get Punitive Damages After a Drunk Driving Accident?

Posted December 4, 2023
Experiencing a drunk driving accident is a harrowing ordeal, often leaving deep physical and emotional scars. As you navigate this difficult time, filled with medical treatments and financial uncertainties, you might find yourself wondering about the legal repercussions for the person responsible Specifically, you may question whether punitive damages could be a part of...
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What to Do If You Are Hit by A Drunk Driver

Posted June 29, 2023
Being involved in a car accident is a frightening experience, but when the other driver is intoxicated, the situation becomes even more dire. It's important to know how to handle such a traumatic event and protect yourself both physically and legally. If you are hit by a drunk driver, take the following steps to...
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How Can Winter Weather Cause Car Accidents?

Posted January 31, 2023
Drivers in Utah are fully aware of the hazards that they face on the road, especially those associated with winter weather. However, colder conditions can still be extremely dangerous, even for the most advanced and experienced motorists.  There are two main ways that winter weather can cause car accidents: slippery roads due to snow,...
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