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What Should You Expect During Your First Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney?

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Posted on April 4, 2024

When you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, one of the very first steps that you will need to take is to consult with an attorney. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal process with confidence, helping initiate your claim so that you can begin your journey to compensation.

This initial consultation serves as an opportunity for you to discuss your case, learn about your legal options, and gain clarity on the path forward. Here is what to expect during your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer in St. George.

Your Attorney Will Review All Evidence You Have Available

During your first meeting with a personal injury attorney, one of the primary objectives will be to review all the evidence you have available related to your case. This may include medical records, accident reports, witness statements, photographs, and any other documentation relevant to the incident that caused your injury. By thoroughly examining the evidence, your attorney can gain an understanding of the circumstances surrounding your case and begin to formulate a strategic approach for your case.

Your Lawyer Will Inform You of Their Fee Structure

Understanding the cost of legal representation is essential, and your attorney will take the time to explain their fee structure during your initial consultation. Personal injury attorneys typically work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only receive payment if they secure compensation for you through a settlement or court award. It doesn’t matter whether it is a car accident, a truck accident, or another accident. Personal injury lawyers in St. George will usually work with a contingency fee. Do note that if you have been in a car accident or a truck accident, contact our car accident attorney in St. George today.

This fee is usually a percentage of the final settlement amount, and your attorney will outline the details of this arrangement, including any additional expenses that may arise during your case.

Your Attorney Will Explain Your Legal Options and Strategies

Next, the lawyer will discuss your legal options and the strategies that may be employed to pursue your claim. They will provide an overview of the relevant laws and statutes governing personal injury cases in your jurisdiction and explain how they apply to your situation. They will also outline the various courses of action available to you, such as negotiating a settlement with the insurance company or pursuing litigation in court, and help you understand the potential outcomes and risks associated with each option.

You Have the Right to Ask Questions and Raise Concerns

Throughout your initial consultation, your attorney will welcome any questions or concerns you may have about your case. Whether you want clarification on legal concepts, have questions about the timeline for resolving your claim, or express any anxieties about the process, your attorney can provide the guidance and support that you seek. Your attorney will strive to address all your inquiries thoroughly and transparently.

Your Lawyer Will Provide an Honest Evaluation of Your Case

Finally, your first meeting with a personal injury attorney will culminate in an honest evaluation of your case. Based on the information presented and their legal expertise, your lawyer will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your claim and provide realistic expectations regarding the potential outcomes. This candid assessment will empower you to make informed decisions about how to proceed and take the necessary steps toward seeking the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, don’t hesitate to seek legal representation. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney today and take the first step toward securing the compensation you deserve.