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Driving a motorcycle is an efficient way to get around, but being a motorcycle driver comes with its share of risks. While there are fewer motorcycles on the road than other vehicles, that doesn’t mean that they are less likely to be in an accident. The real downside is that because motorcycles are some of the smallest vehicles on the road and provide significantly less protection than a car if you are in an accident, the risk of serious injury is even higher.

That’s why, if you find yourself in an accident that wasn’t your fault while driving your motorcycle, you need to contact a personal injury attorney and file a case against the at-fault driver. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries, and the more serious the longer it can take to recover. In some cases, you may never fully recover and this can leave you with a lifetime of extra expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

What you need is one of our experienced lawyers at We Win Injury Law. We have been serving Orem and the surrounding area in Utah for years and know how to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. We won’t let you fight the good fight alone, contact us today.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Are So Dangerous

Even if you’re in a low-speed collision, a minor fender bender, or you don’t appear to have any injuries, that doesn’t mean that everything is ok. In fact, even in a normal accident between two cars, it is not always possible to tell the extent of the injuries immediately after the accident.

Motorcycle accidents are even more dangerous than car accidents for a number of reasons.

First, the vehicles are smaller than most other vehicles on the road, yet traveling at the same rate of speed as the larger vehicles, particularly if you’re on a highway. This means that the force from an impact is much more devastating, there’s simply nothing there to protect you from harm the way that there is on a typical car.

Second, motorcycles are smaller and harder to see in some instances, which makes it easier for them to be hit out of nowhere, which can cause tremendous injury as neither party in the accident has time to lessen the impact from the accident.

Third, being a smaller vehicle at a high rate of speed can make it difficult to account for bad weather. If another vehicle starts to slip or vehicles are driving close behind each other, there is less chance to react and a person on a motorcycle can end up severely injured due to the actions of another vehicle.

Lastly, there are simply fewer safety features on a motorcycle. Motorcycles have lights and signals, and drivers are usually required to wear a helmet, but this is little protection at high speeds or when impacted by a much larger vehicle. This is why injuries from a motorcycle accident, even a minor one, can be severe or even life-threatening.

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Now that you know just how dangerous motorcycle accidents can be, it’s time to get the help you need to get compensation after your accident. Even if you don’t seem injured right away, now is the time to get a motorcycle accident attorney and start building your case. Injuries can show up days or weeks later so it’s important to not wait to act. Contact us or call today and let us help you win your case.