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Going to the doctor shouldn’t be a scary experience. However, more often than is acceptable, patients are injured or die as a result of serious medical mistakes. We know that most doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals take pride in their work and do their best to care for patients, but thousands of people every year are injured as a result of medical malpractice. For anyone involved in a medical malpractice situation, whether you’re the victim or the family member of the victim, the long-lasting effects can be devastating.

That’s why you need compensation. No one should have to deal with medical bills, lost wages, and a lifetime of pain and suffering on their own. A medical malpractice attorney in Provo will fight for you to get you the fair and just compensation you need to take care of your family and focus on recovering and getting things back to as normal as possible.

We Win Injury Law has been the premiere injury law firm in Utah for years, we work hard to make sure that victims get the compensation they deserve for their medical malpractice cases. No one should have to deal with a life-altering injury or the loss of a loved one due to a doctor’s mistake. We will do whatever it takes to get them the financial compensation they deserve. When you have a personal injury case, call We Win Injury Law right away.

What Is Medical Malpractice in Utah?

Medical malpractice in Utah refers to situations where a healthcare provider deviates from the accepted standards of practice in the medical community, leading to patient harm. This deviation can occur through errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or health management. 

Any healthcare provider who treats patients in a formal setting can be held liable for medical malpractice, including physicians, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, dentists, and medical assistants. The malpractice can involve a negligent act or a failure to act.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

If you’re wondering whether or not you may have been a victim of medical malpractice, here are some examples of medical malpractice that we see cases of.

Objects Left in Patients After Surgery

One of the most horrifying, yet all too common situations that result in malpractice claims is when a surgeon leaves a foreign object in the body after surgery and proceeds to close the incision. This can be a piece of foreign matter that was intended to be removed and wasn’t, but in many cases, it is things like surgical tools and equipment that are used during the surgery and not removed. This can cause extensive and irreversible damage to the patient.

Anesthesia Errors

One of the most dangerous mistakes that can be made is when a person is given too much anesthesia. The anesthesiologist is one of the most important people at every medical facility, they must have precise knowledge of how much anesthesia to use because using too much can cause brain damage, and even death, to patients. Unfortunately, this still happens far too frequently.

Not Treating or Diagnosing an Issue

Sometimes doctors simply fail to treat or diagnose an issue that by all accounts should have been easily recognizable. As patients, we have no way of knowing about this at the time, but it happens. Doctors who are in a rush or don’t fully examine a patient can miss issues that could lead to substantial harm to the patient, thus resulting in a malpractice suit.

These typically occur after a patient’s condition has gotten worse and they have gone to seek a second opinion, only to find out the original doctor should have spotted the problem.

How to Prove Liability in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

In Utah, victims of medical malpractice have the right to file lawsuits against the healthcare providers responsible for the harm that they suffered. However, they must establish the defendant’s liability to recover a settlement.

To prove liability in a medical malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff must establish the following elements of negligence:

  • Duty of Care: Healthcare providers have a legal obligation to provide care that aligns with the accepted medical standards. Patients must prove that a doctor-patient relationship existed at the time, establishing the provider’s duty.
  • Breach of Duty: Next, patients must demonstrate that the healthcare provider failed to adhere to the standard of care that a reasonably competent provider would have followed under similar circumstances.
  • Causation: There must be a direct link between the healthcare provider’s breach of duty and the patient’s injuries. This means showing that the harm would not have occurred if the provider had adhered to the appropriate standard of care.
  • Damages: Finally, patients must prove that they suffered losses or damages as a result of the breach of duty. These damages can include physical pain, mental anguish, additional medical bills, and lost work or earning capacity.

Several pieces of evidence can be used to establish the above elements and prove the defendant’s liability. These may include medical records, witness statements, and testimony from healthcare providers who can shed light on the defendant’s actions.

How a Provo Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Support Your Case

Navigating the aftermath of a medical malpractice case in Provo can be a daunting experience, but you do not need to face this journey alone. By engaging a medical malpractice lawyer from We Win Injury Law, you can gain access to the support and representation that you need to hold the at-fault provider accountable.

Our medical malpractice attorneys in Provo can support your claim in several ways, such as:

  • Comprehensive Case Evaluation: Your lawyer will conduct a thorough review of your case, examining medical records, consulting with experts, and identifying the core issues at play. This step is essential for building a strong foundation for your claim.
  • Expert Witness Coordination: Medical malpractice cases often hinge on complex medical evidence and testimony. Your attorney will collaborate with medical experts who can provide critical insights and testimony to support your case, establishing how the malpractice occurred and its impact on your health.
  • Navigating Medical Regulations: The legal landscape surrounding medical malpractice is complex, with regulations that vary by state. Your lawyer will have a deep understanding of Utah’s specific laws and procedures, which they can use to strengthen your claim.
  • Settlement Negotiation: Many medical malpractice cases are resolved through settlements. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf during these discussions, aiming to secure a fair and adequate settlement that covers your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.
  • Trial Representation: If your case goes to trial, having a lawyer on your side is indispensable. Your attorney will present your case compellingly to the court, utilizing evidence and expert testimony to advocate for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

Let We Win Injury Law Get You Compensation For Your Injuries

We know that dealing with a lawsuit after you have been injured or lost a loved one is never an ideal situation, but the doctors at fault for your loss should be held accountable. You deserve the money to take care of all the medical and other expenses that occur as a result of their negligence. Let the Provo personal injury attorneys at We Win Injury Law be the ones to fight the good fight for you, call us today!