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If you’ve been out traveling lately or just been on your nearest highway, you’ve likely noticed the large number of big trucks that are on the road these days. Every day it seems like there are more and more 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, semis, and other large vehicles on the road trying to get from one place to another as fast as they can. Unfortunately for other drivers, this increases the chances of getting into an accident with one of these big trucks. If you are in an accident with one of these big trucks you can wind up with serious injuries.

You shouldn’t be stuck paying the bill for injuries that were caused by a big truck and that’s why you need a lawyer from our firm here at We Win Injury Law. We specialize in helping folks in Provo and other parts of Utah win their personal injury cases. Putting together a case for a big truck accident is a lot different than a typical car accident case and that’s why you need one of our experienced attorneys on your side.

We’re standing by ready to consult with you about your case to help you figure out what your case may be worth and how best to move forward. Don’t hesitate to give us a call after your accident, after all, time is of the essence.

Who is At-Fault in a Big Truck Accident?

Finding out who the responsible party is in a big truck accident is no easy task. Depending on a wide range of circumstances, the at-fault party could be the driver or the company that the driver works for. Here is a brief breakdown of the differences between driver and company liability.

Company Liability

For the company that a driver is working for to be liable for the accident, it has to have occurred under certain conditions.

If the driver of the vehicle was operating the vehicle during routine work, such as along their delivery route, and the accident occurred under normal circumstances, meaning the driver was not behaving recklessly, then the company would be liable for the accident.

Similarly, if the accident was caused by unsafe working conditions, such as lack of proper rest time for drivers or the accident was the result of an equipment failure, then the company would be liable as they have a duty to maintain a safe work environment and to maintain the vehicle the employee was using.

Driver Liability

The driver of the truck may also be held liable for an accident under certain conditions.

If the driver of the truck is an independent contractor, in other words, they own their own truck and drive for a company, then they would be responsible for the accident.

If the driver of a company-owned vehicle uses the vehicle outside of the purposes of their work, such as running personal errands, they are then responsible for any accidents they cause.

Lastly, if a driver behaves in a way that is deemed purposeful, malicious, or exceedingly reckless and causes an accident, they would be the one at fault.

This is why having a lawyer is beneficial. Determining the exact circumstances of your accident is sometimes difficult, but an experienced attorney can help you navigate the situation and come to the right conclusion.

We Win Injury Law is Ready to Take Your Case

Before you do anything else after your big truck accident, make sure you have a personal injury lawyer on your side to fight for you to get the money you deserve. Contact We Win Injury Law now and let us get started on your case.